Sunday, 29 September 2013


Well first things first, welcome to my blog - my little bit of the internet! I'd like to invite you along my journey into the unknown world of blogging (unknown for me anyway!) Follow my music and entertainment findings, along with some beauty, fashion and life posts thrown in there for good measure.

Now, down to the more formal stuff.

My name is Lauren Robertson and I am 18 years old, currently studying Media at Glasgow Caledonian University. I was born in Perth, Western Australia and moved to the North East of Scotland when I was almost seven years old. 

Aww wasn't I cute? ....I wonder what happened!

Butter wouldn't melt....

I've turned into such a poser!

I have a little sister, Rachel and a chocolate labrador, Meg, along with my parents who are now separated. Although the shock of my parents split shook me hard, I am now definitely back on my feet and stronger than before. I am determined to do well for myself and with my high school exams under my belt, I am ready to take on the next stage of my life - getting a degree to get a job.

Do you see the resemblance?

Isn't she just gorgeous!?

Which brings me onto this blog! After starting up my YouTube channel this summer and really enjoying it, I have decided to dip my toes into the blogging world. With a summer away from studying, I need to practice my writing skills if I'm ever going to pass any essays this year!

So hopefully I haven't bored you too much and that we can chat and hang out in the comments as we carry on this crazy journey together!

Until next time,

Lauren x

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